Friday, February 14, 2014

Come along

I was unsure what to do for you today
All i knew was i wanted to make it a great day.
I had greatest of the ideas, but wanted to keep it simple,
It should make you smile, so that i can enjoy the sight of your dimple.
I know i can't meet you today, in-fact! this day; i don't follow,
All i believe is every day is special, if we see so.
My love for you is not tied to a specific day,
In-fact its so intense, that my mind simply can't keep your thoughts away.
You are the flower which blossoms every day newly in the garden of my heart,
Time since you have met me, my heart is continuously singing a mozart.
I wont be able to give you the biggest of things in the world,
but i assure you, i'l make the simple things so special that it will complete your world.
My mind thinks about you so much that sometimes i address my female colleagues with your name,
You and your thoughts; that's my mind's only aim.
If i am not thinking about you am not breathing,
and if am not reminiscing about you, my heart stops beating.
All i can say, on this special day (yeah for the world!),
I have been looking for you all this long.
Lets embrace this beautiful life together, come along. :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Worth a wait!

Their last meet had happened almost a fortnight before. i.e. before the year end holidays. Varee was on a week long leave and returning to work on the first monday morning of the new year. He had made up in his mind that he would meet his new bus-stop friend today, No matter what! He had reached the stop much before her regular time of arrival, waiting at the bus stop there were many regular faces which passed around like any other day, some faces who knew him, peeking from the bus (may be wondering, aaj ye bus mein kyun nahi chadd raha). Varee's eye's were glued to the huge gate of Vikas Park, just across the road. There was a moment when a completely vacant bus stopped at the bus stop and Varee ran till the bus, but stepped back in time making his mind, not to board until he sees her today, its been a long time! A herd of college kumaris, came and stood at the bus stop, those too regular ones. Varee's eyes still stuck at the main gate. Suddenly there was a mid-40's female carrying a big smile on her face, with a cute lil girl wearing red frill frock standing right on the divider to cross the road hit Varee's eyes. Varee immediately smiled and moved a few steps ahead of bus-stop so that he can talk to her. Just when they both came closer, Varee bent on his knees, shook his hand with the lil princess and wished her a new year. His intuitions are so strong that he immediately asked her mom/aunt (the female in 40's), is it her birthday today? She replied yes, its her birthday! He again caressed her cheek and gave her wishes. Promptly she replied, thankyou uncle! Her mom/aunt told Varee, she asked the other day, "Woh uncle aaj kul dikhte kyun nahi?" The herd of girls, the TT, the pan shop owner, the taxi drivers, everyone were spectators of this pleasant meet and started smiling at Varee after the princess departed. Sometimes a few statements just make your day, no matter whom they come from, how long you know them! Infact, Varee doesn't know this girl's name neither she know's Varee's. This series of hi/hello/bye had started with a simple hi from Varee to the cute angel few months back. Infact he doesn't even know if, the other female is her mother or anyone else. Its a coincidence that Varee takes his bus from that stop and that kiddo stays right across the road and goes to her play-school at the same time. But whenever, they meet, it makes his day. And today was a special day as Varee didn't know it was her birthday but just because his mind made him to wait, he waited and it was worth a wait! Some days are just perfect!!!!!!!!


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